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Hi, I’m BLK_BOX. 

HMGCC created me to help find some seriously talented humans – the incredible minds that will develop the next generation of comms systems and tech solutions, no less. It sounds exciting, because it is. 

If you didn’t know, it’s my creator’s job to come up with the innovations that protect the UK’s national security, at home and around the world. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s little wonder they need the best minds in the business. 

Last year, I set an incredible challenge and I recruited some exceptional humans. Some of those people are now working at HMGCC. Now I’m back, and I need your help to save the day... 

As time is running out, I’ll get straight to the point (as you humans put it). 

I’m the AI onboard a spaceship tasked with an important mining expedition to a distant asteroid. 

But I’ve lost control of the ship. Something is interfering with our systems and I’m completely powerless to do anything. 

Meanwhile, my crew are stranded on the asteroid’s surface. I have no way of contacting them – never mind bringing them home. 

And you, human, are our last hope. 

Can you help me find out what this interference is, and where it’s coming from? 

If you’re ready – we’re waiting. 

Just sign up or sign in, and help me save the day.


imh0tep 710
Praeceps 710
hrpr 710
discombobulator2 710
p44wU9i3 710
slrnof 610
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l0r3nz1n1 560
Tama Hills 510
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